DNA-Verified Remote Drug Testing

DNA-Verified Remote Drug Testing

Genotox Labs Uses DNA-Verified Techniques to perform Remote Drug Testing

“Drug testing is the technology of addiction medicine, it is vastly underutilized, both in terms of prevention and treatment.” – Robert L. DuPont, MD

The common tampering and falsification efforts to hide true urine drug test results include: real human urine sample substitution, synthetic urine sample substitution, “pill scraping”, dilution, oxidizer adulteration, and timing of substance use around the drug test schedule.

Urine drug testing solutions exist today that precisely address all of the above.

Remote drug monitoring with Genotox Labs
Remote Urine Testing

In what other area of life would we actively choose an inferior solution when the aforementioned solution is critical to achieving the desired outcome?

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More About Genotox:

At Genotox Laboratories, we’re devoted to providing healthcare professionals with accurate, dependable, and actionable toxicology and pharmacogenetic services. We serve pain physicians, family practices, internal medicine, psychiatrists, addiction specialists, OB/GYN, and recovery centers.

Revolutionary ToxProtect™ DNA-based urine drug test (UDT) for verifying sample authenticity

Pharmacogenetic testing for predicting a patient’s expected response to certain drugs, based on their specific genetic makeup


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