Genotox Labs has the capacity to deliver 1,500 COVID-19 tests per day.

We’re proud to launch our COVID-19 molecular testing services!

These services will offer convenient access to the most accurate test available with fast results. Are you trying to safely get back to family, school, or work? We can help.

Genotox Labs has announced the capacity to complete 1,500 COVID-19 tests per day.

“Our experience has shown that people want a test and a time-frame they can trust,” said Matthew McCarty, MD, founder and CEO of Genotox Labs. “We have the testing experience, and the highly efficient purpose-built workflows delivering accelerated turn-around time to ensure you know the truth as soon as possible, rather than waiting up to ten days or more in some cases,” he added.

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About Genotox Labs

With 27 combined years of experience as a board-certified anesthesiologist and pain medicine physician, Matthew McCarty, MD became aware of the growing need for enhanced medication monitoring and personalized medicine. As a result, he founded Genotox Laboratories in 2012.

After extensive use of toxicology testing in his practice, Dr. McCarty realized that a better screening assay was essential for verifying UDT sample authenticity. Leveraging the power of molecular diagnostic testing, he invented and co-developed ToxProtect, the first patent pending DNA-authenticated urine drug test.


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