Tools To Deliver Remote Pain Management and Addiction Treatment During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for clinicians specializing in the treatment of patients in addiction recovery and pain management. Disease complexities, controlled substances, and toxicology monitoring requirements all pose massive hurdles to clinicians who are unable to treat patients within the traditional medical clinic.

Rapid Response to COVID-19 with Telehealth

COVID-19 poses a serious threat to older individuals and those who have been diagnosed with chronic health conditions [1, 2]. Additionally, Medicaid acts as the nation’s largest health care first responder by its nature of being able to rapidly enroll new individuals and cover new services [3]. Together Medicare and Medicaid will be responsible for protecting the most vulnerable in our society and will be rapidly adapting to a new Telehealth model of care delivery.

“Drug Testing at a Distance”

ToxDirect™ is a commercially available urine or oral fluid Drug Testing at a Distance solution. ToxDirect™ includes: direct to and from patient logistics, analyses on 110 analytes and metabolites, 48 hour turnaround time for results, and DNA authentication to verify urine sample authenticity. ToxDirect™ is the only solution in the market that ensures clinicians efficiently receive comprehensive toxicology results from anywhere in the world with the confidence of sample integrity.

Telehealth Platform Technology

With the growing concern of the spread of COVID-19, Clinicians and Treatment Facilities are searching for ways to minimize the risk of exposure for staff and patients while also complying with local, state, and federal quarantine mandates. True Mobile Health is a HIPAA compliant platform enabling instant access to virtual care and patient engagement.

When Does the Risk of Not Testing Outweigh the Risk of Drug Testing During COVID-19?

Drug Testing During Covid-19 and how to do it

Join Genotox Laboratories’ Senior Scientist, Dr. Nick Laude, as he presents on the impact of isolation and unemployment on substance misuse and abuse and how innovative technologies are empowering clinicians to maintain structure and accountability with patients from a distance.

What’s At Stake?

  1. Patients with increased risks of Covid-19 Complications.
  2. Increased Risk of Drug Misuse or Abuse due to isolation.
  3. Increased Risk of drug misuse or abuse due to sudden unemployment.
  4. Clinicians are responsible to decide what is best for patients.

Distance Solutions

  1. Integrating Telemedicine
  2. At Home Drug Testing
  3. Drive-Thru Drug Testing
  4. Safe Clinic Visits.             GenotoxLabs