ToxDirect™ rUDT


ToxDirect™ is the industry’s first no contact, at home drug testing service with on-demand test results delivered to a clinician’s EMR or web portal. 100% of the clinical data you need using no contact, distance testing.

ToxDirect™ is a turn-key toxicology solution designed for healthcare professionals who:

  1. Need to monitor telemedicine patients remotely
  2. Need to Drug Test at a Distance during "shelter in place” mandates
  3. Prefer to eliminate urine and/or oral fluid collections from taking place within their clinic

Urine sample integrity is ensured by our proprietary DNA authentication (ToxProtect) andsynthetic urine scanning (SynScan) technologies. NextGenUDT

Example of how to use ToxDirect™, watch "First Visit" - Telemedicine with ToxDirect only at Genotox

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Executive Director, West Virginia Day Report Center
18th May 2021

"Our Community Corrections agency implemented Genotox’s ToxDirect™ Remote DNA- Authenticated Drug Testing in early 2020. The local judges, parole/probation offices, and child protective service agencies were extremely receptive of ToxDirect™ testing due to the comprehensive panel and accuracy of the test. The test provides a way for a client to test at home without the burden of a hectic work schedule, child care conflict, and obtaining transportation to our location. ToxDirect™ is easy for the client to conduct at home and less intrusive. While convenient for the client, ToxDirect™ testing saves our agency money by no longer having to arrange for appointments for in-person lab testing. The court system finds the results easy to read and is appreciative of the DNA authentication and SynScan™ technology that aids in preventing adulterated drug tests. We have found the service provided by Genotox to be timely and provide the most comprehensive results out of any lab we contract with."

Drug Court Coordinator, Family Drug Treatment Court
11th May 2021

"Recently a participant in our Family Drug Treatment Court relapsed on methamphetamine and heroin.  The relapse was sudden and no red flags were present prior to the participant turning in a ToxDirect™ sample which matched their DNA, contained methamphetamine and heroin but failed the SynScan™.  When the participant was first notified of the results, they denied use. Dr. Laude then provided a clear, specific interpretation of the result: The participant used synthetic urine but introduced their saliva to the sample to pass the DNA authentication. The saliva contained methamphetamine and heroin. When Dr. Laude’s interpretation was presented before the Judge, the participant immediately reported that they had experienced a significant relapse and had tried to obscure the sample. Due to their honesty, the participant’s treatment was adjusted appropriately, and the relapse was cut short and prevented possible risk to the participant’s child(ren)."

Care Manager, County Pre-Trial Diversion Program
20th May 2021

“I greatly appreciate the detail provided in the ToxDirect™ tests from Genotox Laboratories. As a care manager for a pre-trial diversion program, my clients are those who would be at risk of felony conviction if they are not able to remain clean of substances and participate in appropriate services if they are using. ToxDirect™ assists in that process, as the detail, accuracy and specimen DNA-authentication enables me to know exactly what substance, and what amount, a client has used. I recently had a client who was using methamphetamines, but had been denying such use, when it was detected in their specimens. However, when I was able to tell this client of the exact components/metabolites that were present in their urine, and explained that the scientist had confirmed the specimen was positively DNA-authenticated to them, the client then admitted use. At that point, the client was able to remain in the program, and was provided needed services. Without having this “proof” of the substance use and specimen DNA-authentication, I don’t believe the client would have admitted to the use, and would therefore not have received those services. ToxDirect™ can also detect synthetic urine, when other labs cannot. This makes my job much easier knowing the urine the participant submits, is actually theirs. Thanks Genotox!”