Genotox Laboratories ToxDirect TRUTH™: The Best No-Contact At-Home Drug Test

Genotox Laboratories ToxDirect TRUTH™: The Best No-Contact At-Home Drug Test

Drug testing often has it’s physical and scientific limitations. At times, tests can be expensive, rigorously time-consuming, and inaccurate.

Luckily, in an age of social and physical distancing, Genotox Laboratories have developed a state-of-art turn-key toxicology solution designed for healthcare professionals who:

  1. Need to monitor telemedicine patients remotely.
  2. Need to Drug Test at a Distance during “shelter in place” mandates.
  3. Prefer to eliminate urine and/or oral fluid collections from taking place within their clinic.

TRUTH™ is the industries first no contact, at home drug testing service with on-demand test results delivered to a clinician’s EMR or web portal. This means you receive all the clinical data you need using a no-contact distance testing method.

Beyond that, Genotox TRUTH™ technology utilizes DNA-verified Urine Drug Testing (UDT) that definitively authenticates samples, reveals mislabeling errors, and detecting potential urine sample substitutions.

Combining a one-time cheek swab with the urine collection process utilizes genomic cross-verification to match a urine sample to its donor. This method of testing can detect over 100 controlled substances. ToxProtect also reveals the presence of synthetic or substitute human urine.

For more information on sample collection procedures visit the following instructional videos:

  1. TRUTH™ swab collection instructions
  2. TRUTH™ urine collection instructions

To get started visit, or for more information contact us

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