Addiction Treatment at Home and How it is done.

Addiction Treatment at Home and How it is done.

Addiction Treatment at Home

“The American Psychiatric Association finds video-based sessions “equivalent” to in-person care for diagnosis, treatment, quality, and patient satisfaction. Yet, insurance hasn’t always covered it. Facing surging demand and a potential mental health epidemic, insurers are scrambling to make changes.”

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pharmacogenetics and testing with Genotox Labs
Addiction Treatment at Home

This pandemic will forever change the way medicine is delivered. Are you prepared?

Telehealth platforms like True Mobile Health, LLC enable clinicians to deliver care and provide continuous patient engagement from a distance. At home laboratory testing like Genotox Laboratories ToxDirect™️ delivers clinicians the critical laboratory data that has long been a part of in personal care.

These tools were developed precisely for this moment.

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At Genotox Laboratories, we’re devoted to providing healthcare professionals with accurate, dependable, and actionable toxicology and pharmacogenetic services. We serve pain physicians, family practices, internal medicine, psychiatrists, addiction specialists, OB/GYN, and recovery centers.

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